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M.A.C. Safety Supplies, 

It is pleased to present itself through its first online store, where You can select each product and services that your company may require.

Every day our goal is to be the best distributor company of safety supplies in the U.S. As a vision to fulfill and satisfy every company and worker's needs in the construction and industrial business. 

We are committed to your productivity improvement by providing you with the best national and imported products and services. We take pride in offering the absolute lowest prices and high quality to keep everyone SAFE. 

Quality, price, service, experience, reliability, professionalism, and adequate treatment are the principles that have guided us to build a reliable and responsible company to keep supporting our clients in achieving their goals and increasing their productivity being safe.

We specialize in Personal safety equipment, Industrial Footwear, Helmets, glasses, earplugs, masks, and abatement products to protect employees from injury or hazardous environments.  We have created a safe and secure environment for the customer to shop where the customer's confidentiality is maintained.

Thanks again for visiting our website and happy shopping with us. We appreciate your time, and we're glad that you choose our company. We hope you enjoy the experience, and we look forward to having you back!




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