1/2" x .120 Phosphate Wire Buckles, Pk1000

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Wire buckles are manufactured to meet ASTM Standard D3950 Made with raw materials and utilize rigid process controls to produce buckles that are easy to thread, consistent, and yield appropriate holding power for the application.Phosphate Coated Wire Buckles designed for superior holding power. Our buckles are engineered specifically to provide maximum joint efficiency for the highest system strength on the market and are perfect for indoor or outdoor extended use.


  • Phosphate Coated Buckle is for use with the light duty  inch Woven Polyester Strap,  inch Bonded Polyester Strap and the inch Uniline Polyester Strapping
  • Phosphate-Coated Wire Buckles


  • 1000 pcs per box1
  • 19 Lbs Box
  • 1/2" Buckles
  • Gage .120
  • Finish Phosphate  Coated
  • Cord Strapping application



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