1/2"x 1500 ft. x 650 Lb Break Woven Polyester Cord Strapping (White)

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View our versatile 1/2x 650 Ft. x 650 lb. Break Woven Polyester Cord Strapping. Strapping Woven Polyester Strapping gets you the strength of steel without the safety concerns or extra equipment. Its easier to use but it still has the high break strengths you need to get the job done. How does it work Woven Polyester Strapping is made with a special cross-weave pattern for super strength and amazing durability. It works so well because its been designed to get the most out of the materials everything has been rigorously tested. Its as strong as steel with none of the sharp edges. It won cut your crew and its also better at absorbing the impact of shifting loads. It won rust or stain your products. It also features extreme weather/UV resistance and it can be fastened with a buckle or hand-tied.


  • 1-1/2 x 1,500 Ft. x 650 pound Break Woven Polyester-Cord Strap offers steel strength but no safety worries or needing extra equipment.
  • Manufactured with cross-weaved pattern for amazing durability and super strength. Get most out of materials.
  • Simple to operate yet includes high break strengths needed for the job.
  • 1-1/2 x 1,500 Ft. x 650 pound Break Woven Polyester-Cord Strap is tested rigorously.
  • Good for hand tying light-duty applications or using for boat shrink-wrap.
  • Use for indoor/outdoor; won damage, scratch, or stain product.
  • Better than steel bands at absorbing shifting load impacts.



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