11" Heavy Duty Zip Ties For Heavy Duty Cables Black 100/Pk

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11' Zip Ties for Heavy Duty Cables 50Lb Black



Ideal for all bundling purposes; wires, cables, hoses, or ducts, you name it, and these ties will bundle it. Made from durable 100 percent nylon 6/6 material, these ties feature our patented Double Lock design, with locking teeth on both sides of the tie and at the head ensuring a stronger connection and 50 percent greater tensile strength than the industry standard. The bent tip ensures easy insertion into the tie head while close serrations on both sides of the tie promote precise adjustment. The smooth radiused edges ensure easy "slip" as you tighten while finger grips on the end ensure a secure and comfortable grip when hand-tightening. Investigated using particular requirements that allowed it to be a UL recognized component and with a serviceable temperature range from 0 deg C to 85 deg C (32 deg F to 185 deg F) these ties are designed to last.

  • Ideal for bundling wire, cable, hoses and ducts
  • High-strength nylon construction
  • Stainless steel pawl
  • 11 inch length holds larger bundles
  • UV-resistant for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stippled body helps prevent slippage
  • Smooth notch-less outside surface helps reduce stress under tension
  • Ridged tail for an easy grip during installation
  • Made from durable 100% nylon 6/6 material
  • 3" Maximum bundle diameter
  • 11" Long X 0.17" Wide X .055 Thick with 75 Lb. Tensile Strength
  • Black in color
  • 100/Bag



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