20″ x 1,000` 80 GA. Extended Core Stretch Plastic Film Shrink Wrap (4/Case) 2 Sided Cling

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Bundling film features a built in handle so each roll is ready to use right out of the box. The 80ga 20" x 1000' Extended Core Stretch Wrap retains its grip and sticks to itself without adhesives. The clear residue free film stretches up to 100%, which contributes to its excellent resistance against tearing. The clear cast film roll has and extended core that is used as a handle, making the bundling process easier. The clear stretch wrap enables easy identification during shipping.


  • Type: Extended Core
  • Material: Cast Polyethylene Film
  • Color: Clear
  • Width: 20 inches
  • Height: 1000 feet
  • Thickness: 80 Gauge
  • Recyclable: Yes
  • More economical and faster to use than strapping or tape.
  • Film will not leave a residue on products.
  • Quiet and clear cast film.
  • Weight 28 Lbs
  • Dimensions 29x12x12 in
  • Case per pack of 4. 

Clear Plastic Bag Made in the USA



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