MCR Safety 2312AF 23 Series Safety Goggles with Gray Lens UV-AF® Anti-Fog Coating Adjustable Rubber Strap

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Indirect vented goggle with sleek low profile design

UV-AF® Anti-Fog Coating Adjustable Rubber Strap

SKU: 2312AF


MCR Safety offers a full line of goggles to fit a variety of users and applications. Our 23 Series has a more modern and stylish look than some previous options and features a soft TPR facial lining for exceptional comfort and ease of wear.  The 2312AF has an easy to adjust rubber strap that will allow each user to form a more personal fit and feel. It is designed with an indirect vented frame which allows air flow while greatly reducing the occurrence of splash from entering the goggle.  The UV-AF™ Anti-Fog coated lens is Eco-friendly and UV cured, providing 3 times greater Anti-Fog performance than generic Anti-Fog safety goggles.  Choose the best safety goggles, choose MCR Safety!


  • Updated stylish and more modern look
  • UV-AF® Anti-fog coating
  • Comfortable TPR seal around the face
  • Adjustable rubber strap for personal fit
  • Indirect vented goggle
  • Rubber head strap is latex free



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