Polyken 757 Multi-Purpose Polyethylene Film Tape 3" x 60 yards.

Polyken 757 Multi-Purpose Polyethylene Film Tape 3" x 60 yards.

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Red poly tape is 7 mils thick and has a temperature resistance of 176 F for up to 30 minutes. Red poly tape has an array of applications such as masking window and door frames in the stucco industry, shielding masking for wood, glass, steel, vinyl, and aluminums. Other applications include splicing and holding polyethylene sheeting and mending an assortment of surfaces. The benefits to red poly tape include: moisture and good UV resistance, adhesive holds on to rough surfaces, conforms well to a wide range of surfaces, and will removal cleanly after 7 days.


  • Conformable and flexible.
  • Excellent durability and solvent resistance.
  • Hand tearable with excellent adhesion.
  • High tack for a secure bond.
  • Repositionable and clean removal from many surfaces.
  • Low VOC and no heavy metals.


Abatement industry applications including hanging and seaming PE sheeting, sealing waste disposal bags. Convention industry uses for bundling carpet, securing PE film coverings, color coding. Seaming and patching shrink wrap for boat, RV, and equipment storage. Wire hold down. PE splicing. Surface protection. Dissimilar metal separation. 



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