36" x 60" Black Unprinted Waste Bags - 3 Mil 55-60 Gallon

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Contractor bags needs to be thick, strong, puncture-proof and ready to haul even the heaviest loads of rough debris. This 55 - 60 gallon black bag fits the bill, with a full 3 mil of low-density plastic. Low-density resins are both strong and flexible, and at this thickness bags can cope with anything from nails to jagged glass or splintered framing. Great on site, in the workshop, or just out back, these bags are a perfect fit for large drum cans but do perfectly well free standing. Proudly made in the USA to the highest standards, each bag is sealed with a carefully reinforced gusset seam.


  • Dimensions: 36"Wx60" 55-60 Gallon
  • Thickness: 3.0 Mil
  • 50/Roll
  • Color Black
  • Unprinted



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