3M P1301 Skull Screws Corded Earplugs (120/Box)

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3M is Leading the Advancement of Hearing Conservation.

3M Skull Screws push-to fit corded foam earplugs sport the tough look of threaded metal, but feel of soft foam, while offering push-to-fit convenience and noise attenuation with attitude. Effective hearing protection and compliance with a clean, easy twist.

Grab the attention of your young workers with these radically designed pus H-to-fit corded foam earplugs, and help boost hearing protection and compliance at the same time.


Features and Specs:

  • Tough look of threaded metal, but feel of soft foam
  • Pus H-to-fit style means no earplug roll-down required
  • Foam tips stay clean, even when your hands are dirty
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR]* of 30 dB CSA Class AL
  • New, softer foam
  • Soft foam tips feel comfortable for extended wear
  • Cutting-edge look and comfort may increase worker compliance in wearing hearing protection
  • Push-to-fit style means no earplug roll-down is required for easy fitting
  • Cord allows earplugs to be stored conveniently around the neck in between uses
  • Noise reduction rating (NRR) 32 dB CSA Class AL
  • 120/Box

The NRR may overestimate the hearing protection provided during typical use. 3M recommends reducing the NRR by 50% for estimating the amount of noise reduction provided.



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