Yellow Flame Retardant 1/4" Mesh Debris Netting - 4' x 150'

Yellow Flame Retardant 1/4" Mesh Debris Netting - 4' x 150'

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The Safety Netting is made from a 3.5 oz fire resistant knitted polyethylene with reinforced boarder edges. SBN-22 is a very popular debris net for open sided buildings and scaffolds. This cost-effective netting is made from knitted polyethylene threads and has a reinforced border. Is available in fire retardant Orange or High Visibility Yellow. With hole openings approximately 1/4", it meets both NYC Local Law 61 and OSHA Specifications. Lightweight and will stay flexible, even in cold temperatures. Sold by the roll.


  • Made from knitted polyethylene threads.
  • Easy to install. Will not unravel when cut. Flexible in severe temperatures.
  • Reinforced long lasting buttonholes on hem for easy attachment.
  • Perfect for open sided buildings and scaffolds use.
  • With hole openings approx. 1/4", it meets both New York City local law 61 and OSHA specifications.
  • NFP-701 flame retardant
  • High-Density Knitted Polyethylen


  • Scaffolding enclosures
  • new constructions
  • Protects dust, debris & tools from falling.
  • Protects workers, pedestrians, adjacent properties
  • Creates a temporary guardrail
  • Creates a visual barrier for safety
  • Helps contain small, fasteners, tools, materials and debris
  • UV protection
  • Privacy screening



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