MCR Safety BPB6S 6 Inch Black PVC Boots with Lace-Up Strings Steel Toe and Steel Shank Cleated Sole, Polyester Liner

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Boot Steel Shank Cleated Sole, Polyester Liner



MCR Safety has you covered when in need of foot protection. The BPB6S is a 6 Inch Lace Up black PVC over the sock boot.  It features steel toes, steel shank, deep cleated sole for grip, polyester lining, tie up laces for a snug fit and has a kickoff lug to aid in removal.


  • Black PVC boot, 6 inches
  • Steel toe, meets ASTM F2413
  • Steel shank
  • Lace Up for snug fit
  • Over the sock style
  • Polyester lining for comfort and ease of wearing
  • Cleated Sole and Kick off lug



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