Radians 01200ST Emergency Eyewash Station 8 OZ Concentrate Additive

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Emergency Eyewash Station

SKU: 01200ST

Product Details:

Ensure swift and effective eye safety with the Radians 16 Gallon Gravity-Fed Eyewash Station (Model REW01116). Designed for immediate response, this eyewash station features a one-second, one-step activation, delivering up to 15 minutes of continuous, non-injurious flow to thoroughly cleanse debris and contaminants from the eyes.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Activation: One-second, one-step activation for instant use in emergencies.
  • Extended Relief: Provides a consistent flow for up to 15 minutes, ensuring thorough eye cleansing.
  • Compliant & Safe: Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 standards for portable eyewash stations, guaranteeing safety and compliance.
  • Large Capacity: 16-gallon capacity to handle any emergency effectively.

Ensure your workspace is prepared for any eye emergency with the Radians 16 Gallon Gravity-Fed Eyewash Station. Safety and compliance in one reliable solution!




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