Coiled Clip Lanyard, Elastomer W/Nylon

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Safe Tool Retention Handy Cutter  Clip-On Coil Lanyard, For Utility Knives, Safety Cutters, and Hand Tools



MULTI-PURPOSE COIL LANYARD - The Pacific Handy Cutter coil lanyard attaches to all PHC safety cutters, utility knives, and most holsters. Stretching to 53 inches, it keeps your tools safely-stored and easily accessible for reliable, consistent results on the job. Coiled Clip Lanyard, Type Clear Elastomer w/Nylon String Loop, Overall Length 8 to 53 in, For Use With Safety Cutters, Utility Knives, Impact Rated No,1 Pack


Length extends: 8 to 53 in

Maximum safe working capacity: 5 lbs.

Shock Absorbing Tool Lanyard

Clear Elastomer w/Nylon String Loop

1- per pack



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