2 Rolls of Heavy duty Multi-Purpose Duct Tapes, 2" Width x 60 yd. Length x 6 mil Silver

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Perfect for everyday repairs, packaging of heavy boxes for extended transit, and even for plumbing projects, the Professional Grade Duct Tape can fix almost anything. It is a multi-purpose tape with excellent adhesive and holding strength to provide a bond that will last for years. The heavy-duty tape makes your life easy when it comes to temporary upkeeps, sealing, and packing of boxes. Featuring excellent tensile strength and tear ability, the tape is a great mixture of improved strength and conformability.
Cotton mesh reinforced for high conformability, tensile and tear strength.
Duck Tape for almost any job, including everyday household and auto repairs-anywhere a flexible and weather-proof bond is needed. Advanced Strength Duck Tape has a high-tack natural rubber adhesive system applied to a waterproof polyethylene film backing. Used for- Temporary repairs, light-duty bundling, sealing and marking and also great for hanging plastic sheeting. This heavy-duty duct tape protects your surfaces while giving you long-lasting repairs. Great stretch and conformability to hold tightly around corners, bends and curves.

  • 2 Rolls
  • Easy Tape Edge: Simply unwind tape from the roll for a straight and curl-resistant tear.
  • Conformable: This tape easily sticks to difficult and rough surfaces.
  • Excellent Performance: Thanks to its high-tack, rubber-based adhesive formula, this superhero duct tape keeps water and moisture at bay.
  • Versatile Tape: This tape is essential in toolboxes, car trunks, craft rooms and aircraft. Its toughness and superior adhesion give new life to fractured objects and surfaces.
  • High-tack, natural rubber adhesive system applied to a waterproof polyethylene film backing
  • Cotton mesh reinforced for extra strength, with both high tensile and tear strength with excellent conformability

Material: Polyethylene Coated Cloth

Duct Tape Grade: Industrial

Duct Tape Thickness: 6.0 mil

2" Width x 60 yd. Length 



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