1 Dozen of MCR Safety 9620 Thermastat™ Thermal Insulation Work Glove 10 Gauge Hollow Core Fiber Promotes Warmth and Dryness

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Thermastat™ Thermal Insulation Glove

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Our Thermastat™ Gloves are made with FDA- accepted materials for use in food processing applications. Thermastat is DuPont™ hollow-core hydrophobic polyester fiber that is an excellent insulator. Great for use refrigerated environments. One size fits all. The 9620 is a white 10 gauge 100% Thermastat™ glove.


  • 12 Pairs
  • DuPont™ hollow-core hydrophobic polyester fiber
  • Greater thermal insulation
  • Fastest evaporation rate of moisture
  • Component materials comply with all federal regulations for food contact
  • One Size



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