12 Pairs of MCR Safety NXG Insulated Work Gloves 10 Gauge Acrylic Cotton Shell G

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NXG provides Premium quality, comfort and fit making it the best choice for long work days



Flex Therm options give you all of the benefits of our Flex Tuff series of gloves, but with the addition of Thermal protection! The 9690 is made of a an acrylic/polyester/cotton string knit shell with a gray latex palm coating. With these gloves you can get a grip on staying warm!


  • 12 Pairs
  • 10 Gauge white acrylic, cotton and polyester shell
  • Insulated gloves provide extra thermal protection
  • Gray latex dip on the palm and fingertips
  • High comfort level
  • Excellent comfort and fit
  • For heavier duty requirements
  • ANSI Cut A3
  • ANSI Abrasion 4
  • ANSI Puncture 3
  • ANSI Contact Heat2 - Less than 284F



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