12 Pack of MCR Safety RP118B Swagger® RP1 Series Black Safety Goggle with Blue Diamond Mirror Lenses Foam Lined with Adjustable Strap

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Removable foam lined sealed safety goggles



12 Pack

The RP1 is here! Bringing you style and adesign that is admired both for its great looksand functionality!! The removable closed cellfoam gasket forms a seal around each eye blockingout dust, debris, and small particles. Want more?Each side is vented to allow air to flow insidethe lens!! The dual lens are made of lightweightscratch resistant polycarbonate that filters 99.9%of harmful U.V.rays.


  • Removable foam gasket blocks debris and small particles
  • Hook and Loop adjustable strap for a secure fit
  • Soft, secure TRP nose pad
  • Exclusive Duramass® scratch resistant coating
  • Also available in glasses options
  • Elastic Strap is Latex Free
  • ANSI Z87+



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