MCR Safety V211R General Purpose Safety Vest, Polyester Mesh, 3/4" Lime Reflective Stripes, Orange

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Polyester Mesh, 3/4" Lime Reflective Stripes

SKU: V211R


These general purpose vest are not ANSI compliant, but you will be covered in bright Fluorescent Orange or Fluorescent Lime colors in order to stand out against your surroundings. One size fits most unless otherwise stated. Avalable in a variety of configurations and colors. The V211R is an orange polyester mesh vest with 3/4" Lime reflective stripes. It features a hook and loop tab front closure an has elastic strap on each side. 


  • One sizes
  • Orange polyester mesh, Non-ANSI
  • 3/4" Lime reflective stripes
  • Cool and lightweight
  • Hook and loop tab front closure
  • Elastic strap on each side



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