High-Temp Glass Cloth Tape 2" x 36 yds 7 Mils (2 Rolls Pack)

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General Purpose High temp Glass Cloth Tape is a strong and durable, fiberglass backed tape designed to perform at high temperatures.This general purpose tape is ideal for high temperature applications requiring high tensile strength and good holding power. It performs under a wide temperature range (-99.4F to -392F ) and can withstand intermittent temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. or higher, depending on the type and duration of the heat source. The glass cloth backing offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance, allowing it to withstand rugged applications. With an easy unwind you'll find this tape easy to handle during application.High heat resistance helps prevent failure from softening or oozing of the adhesive. The long aging properties of the adhesive allow the tape to remain adhered and flexible. Silicone adhesive sticks well to difficult surfaces such as silicone liners and silicone coated surfaces. It also works well in composite bonding applications as it sticks well to molds treated with a release agent.

  • 2" wide
  • Backing Thickness 5 mil
  • Total Thickness 7 mil
  • Adhesion to Steel 35 oz./in
  • Tensile Strength 180 lbs./in
  • Elongation 5%
  • Dielectric Strength 3000 Volts
  • Operating Temperature Range -99.4F to -392F
  • 2 Rolls pack


Applications General applications in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, general industrial, construction and marine industries Permanent sealing of high temperature ducts or chambers Back-up strip for submerged arc welding General splicing, seaming and sealing applications Heavy-duty masking Bundling, holding and harness wrapping applications Protect surfaces against abrasion Long Aging Holding Power This tape features a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive that is ideal for high temperatures allowing it to perform within a wide temperature range.




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