MCR Safety CGNG8 Cooling Gear Hi-Visibility Cooling Neck Gaiter

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MCR Safety Cooling Gear Hi-Visibility Cooling Neck Gaiter Lightweight Stretch Polyester Spandex Machine Washable



Staying cool on the job is a large part of being safe!  MCR Safety now offers a line of cooling gear that will help you stay safer and more comfortable on those warm and muggy days.  The CGNG8 is a hi-visibility neck gaiter made of a 4 oz. stretch polyester and spandex blend that will provide a comfortable and secure fit.  Not only does this product provide needed relief from warmer temperatures but gives lightweight face protection from the sun and dust!  The hi-vis lime color adds another layer of protection by making you more visible to others. Simply soak in water before use!  The CGNG8 has a cooling and odor treatment and is machine washable and reusable.


  • Cool and breathable fluorescent lime birdseye mesh material
  • Single layer 100% polyester material
    If folded properly you can double the layer over your face
  • General purpose / multipurpose neck gaiter
  • Can be used for covering face, neck, and / or head
  • MCR Safety logo imprinted with reflective material
  • Hi-Visibility color adds another layer of safety
  • Stretchable polyester spandex blend for snug fit
  • Evaporative cooling – soak in water to activate
  • Lightweight sun and dust protection
  • Cooling and odor treatment
  • Machine washable



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