Impact Resistant Safety Goggles, S3960c Clear Anti-Fog Lens, Uvex Stealth Series

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Honeywell Uvex Safety Goggles-Clear Anti-Fog Lens

SKU: S3960C


Never before have goggles offered such comfort and protection as well as sleek, futuristic styling. The Uvex Stealth goggle combines modern design, technology, materials and high-performance lens coatings to create the highest levels of worker comfort and acceptance. One of the most popular goggles on the market, the Uvex Stealth makes it easy  even fashionable  to wear goggles on the job.
Futuristic, low profile design for chemical splash and impact
Toric lens provides superior optics and peripheral vision
Rx insert available
Easiest lens replacement system available
Uvextreme AF coating and indirect ventilation system minimize fogging
Dura-streme technology option delivers Uvextreme anti-fog protection on the interior of the lens and Ultra-dura hardcoat on the exterior of the lens for greater chemical and scratch resistance and longer lens life
 Quick-adjust headband
Made in USA


99.9 % UV Protection.

Clear anti-fog lens

Universal Size.



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