Lock Out Danger Tag, 5.75"H X 3"W, Cardstock, Pk25

Lock Out Danger Tag, 5.75"H X 3"W, Cardstock, Pk25

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Material Descriptions:
PF-Cardstock Tear-resistant, Waterproof, Pulp-free - no wood pulp or paper content. Pliable 10-mil poly-based tags will not crack, distort, or shrink. Ideal for indoor and short-term outdoor conditions. Scuff-resistant, matte surface. 3/8" hole. RP-Plastic -Â High-strength, tear-resistant, weather-resistant, and chemical-resistant for dirty and greasy environments. 15-mil thick rigid plastic, relatively bendable and ideal for indoor and outdoor temporary tagging applications. Mar-resistant, matte surface. 3/8" hole w/ reinforced metal grommet. HS-Laminate -Â Nearly indestructible, withstands tough, abusive conditions. Hard-sealed by thick laminate on both sides. Tear-proof, weatherproof, chemical-resistant. Withstands dirt, grease, liquid splashes, and multiple rough handling. Scratch-resistant, matte-finish surface. 3/8" hole w/ reinforced pull-proof metal grommet.



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