Lockout Tagout Tags - 25 Danger Do Not Operate Tags with 25 Zip Ties

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  • Industrial Grade - Lockout tags made of tear, weather, and chemical-resistant PVC vinyl suitable for indoor and outdoor use, can withstand severe weather conditions
  • Rugged Brass Grommets - Do not operate tag with resilient brass grommet, prevents accidental pull-off and abrasion
  • Seamless Record - Equipment lock out tags with spacious surface for legible notation of critical lockout tag out information using permanent markers or wax/grease pencils; regular pens won't work
  • Prominent Visibility - Striking colors and bold texts, clearly communicate that a machine or equipment is locked out for service or maintenance
  • Premium Tag Out Set - (25) lock out tag out tags 32 mil thick, 5-1/2 x 3 inches with 5/16-inch diameter tie hole, (25) 6-inch nylon zip ties
  • OSHA Compliant - Danger tags developed and tested to ensure proper safety tagout compliance
  • American Safety Supplier - TRADESAFE is an established USA based and owned industry expert and reliable safety partner for LOTO compliance supplies



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