MCR Safety CGT13 Cooling Gear 1 Piece Large Blue Cooling Towel Lightweight Polye

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Staying cool on the job is a large part of being safe!MCR Safety now offers a line of cooling gear that will help you stay safer and more comfortable on those warm and muggy days.The CGT13 is a large blue polyester microfiber cooling towel that measures 30 inches x 14 inches and will help make a difference on hot workdays! This cooling towel comes with a reusable storage container that will keep the towel safe and out of the way when not in use.  Simply soak in water before use. The CGT13 is machine washable and reusable.


  • Lightweight and soft microfiber
  • Reusable storage container keeps towel safe
  • Evaporative cooling soak in water to activate
  • Large cooling towel measure 30 inches x 14 inches
  • Machine washable
  • Dimensions: 30" x 14"



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