Cut Pro® Work Gloves 13 Gauge Cut Resistant HyperMax

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MCR Safety 92754 Cut Pro® Work Gloves 13 Gauge Cut Resistant HyperMax® Shell Double Coated Black Nitrile Outer Coating Absorbs Oils and Aids Grip Inner Coating Repels Oils and Liquids

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Our top selling MCR Safety Cut Pro® gloves are manufactured on seamless knit liners that are flat dipped to reproduce the natural curved shape of the hand. What does this mean for you? You get protection and comfort for heavy duty jobs. The 92754 features soft 13-gauge salt and pepper HyperMax® cut resistant shell.  The palm and fingertips are double dipped with rugged nitrile coatings.  The outer coating is made of sandy foam nitrile that absorbs oils and provides outstanding gripping power in oily and wet conditions.  The inner coating is made of a flat nitrile dip and deflects oils and fluids away from the cut resistant shell.  These three layers of protection provide you with one of our best all around work gloves!   If you are looking for the best cut resistant gloves, look no further than MCR Safety's Cut Pro® options!


  • 13-gauge HyperMax® shell
  • Cut resistant work gloves
  • Lightweight and abrasion resistant
  • Excellent fit and flexibility
  • Double dipped with tough abrasion resistant nitrile
  • Outer coating of sandy nitrile foam absorbs and provides oily grip
  • Inner coating of flat nitrile deflects oils and liquids away from shell
  • Improves wet or dry gripping power
  • Seamless knit provides high comfort level
  • ANSI Cut A4
  • ANSI Abrasion 5
  • ANSI Puncture 4



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