MCR Safety 93847 Cut Pro Hero 13 Gauge ARX Aramid Shell PVC Dotted Palm Cut Resistant Work Gloves

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This Safety Cut Pro glove with Hero technology is made of a high performance cut resistant material that achieves high levels of cut and comfort. The blended Kevlar®, stainless steel, and other fibers are used for general purpose work applications to provide cut and abrasion resistance when working with sharp objects. Some styles are stripped or dotted to provide a better grip and increase durability. The 93847 is a 13 gauge Kevlar®/Stainless Steel/Spandex fiber shell with PVC dots on the palm side. This lightweight material gives you the cut resistance you need with outstanding fit, comfort, and breathability.


  • 13 gauge ARX® aramid engineered shell with stainless steel
  • PVC Dots on palm
  • Provides manual dexterity 
  • High comfort level and sense of touch
  • ANSI Cut A6
  • ANSI Abrasion 3



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