Msa 475369 v-Gard White Full-Brim Hard Hat With Fas-Trac iii Ratchet Suspension

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MSA V-Gard hard hats are made with a polyethylene shell and a 4-point, webbed suspension system that works to protect the head. Unique, MSA Fas-Trac hard hat suspension includes ratcheting system and a perforated vinyl sweatband. These lightweight, comfortable hard hats are standard sized to fit most head sizes and available in white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green and hi-viz orange. The hard hats meet or exceed requirements for a Type I helmet for top impact (ANSI Z89.1 Class E). Not designed to protect against lateral blows from front, side or rear.


  • Full brim
  • Polyethylene shell provides superior impact protection
  • Self-adjusting crown straps ensure a comfortable fit
  • Flush rear lug attachments eliminate pressure points
  • Three levels of nap strap adjustment to allow customized fit
  • Graspable ratchet with ultra-smooth rotation and steadfast hold
  • Ratchet pad conforms to back of head, improving airflow and preventing pulled hair.



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