MSA 459458 Goggle Retainer for Caps

MSA 459458 Goggle Retainer for Caps

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Goggle Retainers

SKU:  459458


Keep eye protection conveniently at the ready with these goggle retainers. Specially designed for use with MSA goggles, caps and hats, these retainers hold goggles securely in place. Easy to install, MSA goggle retains require no tools. Plus, they can be adjusted for optimal fit.


  • Non-metallic retainer for secure, anywhere hold
  • Easy, no-tools installation
  • Easily adjusts for a better fit
  • Can be worn on all MSA protective headwear.
  • Perfect to protect you against life-threatening situations
  • Made to combine an advanced design with quality materials
  • Durable, convenient and easy to use
  • Designed for specialized use



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