Plastic 3" x 6 Danger Barricade Tag Do Not Remove 25 Pack

Plastic 3" x 6 Danger Barricade Tag Do Not Remove 25 Pack

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Product Description

Our Barricade Tags help preserve the integrity of the surrounded area by identifying the purpose and basis for the barricade.

  • Safety barricades are built to keep individuals away from hazardous or dangerous areas and establish a perimeter.
  • They provide vital information and specific requirements when entering as well as exiting a regulated or potentially dangerous area. 

Product Uses:

Police/Fire Departments Industrial/Chemical Plants Utility Companies.

Accident Prevention Traffic Control Use Indoors & Outdoors Construction-Site Safety

Material Features

  • Plastic tag is 0.010" thick.
  • Tag is reusable and waterproof. Tags can be used inside or outdoors.
  • Lockout tags have perforations between each tag. The tags also have notched corners so that they hang better in tight spots.
  • Most tags use a reinforcing patch eyelet - for a greater pull strength.
  • 3" x 6-1/4"
  • 25 pack




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