PVC Glue Gun (12 oz)

PVC Glue Gun (12 oz)

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The 12 oz. high density polyethylene glue gun is used to dispense PVC Permaweld Liquid Adhesive between layers of PVC Fitting Covers and PVC Cut & Curled Jacketing for a permanent weathertight bond.  The PVC Glue Gun comes with a metal trigger pump handle that allows the permaweld adhesive to be precisely pumped into the metal spout.

  • Durable HDPE Plastic Body easily screws off to allow quick and easy refilling
  • Less Refills: Gun holds up to approx 12 oz of PVC Permaweld Adhesive
  • Metal pump mechanism allows even calibrated dispensing
  • 5" metal spout contains a removable brass tip
  • Easily cleaned with acetone



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